Choosing the right TV for you....

Whe you are shopping for a new TV you have lots to think about, including room size for the tv, viewing angle, compatable equipment to work alongside the tv, connections and of corse picture quality.

It's all about HD these days, you can get a very clear picture on your tv with a HD subscription and it is great for linking up games consoles and watching blu-ray movies on. You can purchase a HDMI cable very cheaply to link up all of your dvd players, games consoles, blu-ray players etc. If you have a home cinema installer you can get the job done quickly and easily. The detail you will get from HD picture quality is excellent, you will feel fully immersed in the picture, it is especially great for action films, and if you want to take it a stage further then why not get a 3D tv set, see the action come bursting out of your screen! Extra information about home cinema installation

You will have to think about what screen size you will need for your room size and how you can position it at the correct viewing angle, some screens will have more glare from the sun so it is important to consider these factors before purchase. Screens come in LED, Plasma or LCD versions - the LED sets are usually backlit so have a very bright, dynamic picture quality. Plasma is now a little dated as it can be problematic if it breaks, they can very easily overheat and this causes damge to the screen, along with the fact that the picture can get very pixelated. LCD tvs are great, but they tend to have a duller screen, the ideal combination is an LED backlit LCD screen. LCD's alone don't handle black and other dark colours very well.

To fully take advantage of a HD TV you will need to subscribe to a satellite or cable service that provides HD picture quality, there is a wide choice of offers to choose from and you will be able to get set up straight away once you have the service installed.